"The half of knowledge belongs to the one who knows where knowledge is."

I think, read, and write a lot about nutrition, exercise, business, coffee, and life. Drop your email if you'd like to get notified about new e-books, papers, podcasts, and more.

Matters of Fact: The Podcast

Might talk about my new favorite coffee from a certain micro-lot. Might talk about how our bodies absorb and metabolize beta-alanine. Might talk about my favorite Epictetus quote about living with gratitude. Might be talking to somebody. Might just be me. You never know. And that's half the fun.




Somebody who turned severe ADHD into a tool.

I'm a twenty-something year old with a hope that sharing my knowledge and experience can help guide other twenty-somethings on how to untangle the crazy web of experiences that we call life.

I have my B.S. in Dietetics and my M.S. in Business. I've owned and operated five different companies across industries with and without employees, hosted and co-hosted four different podcasts, held certifications in CrossFit, USA Weightlifting, published multiple papers in academic journals, and brokered multi-million dollar commercial real estate deals. If it was interesting to me, I did it.

I've failed, I've succeeded, I've learned a whole lot along the way. Those lessons and experiences live here.

P.s. I have many new things I'd like to try. So, welcome to the journey. Let's  see what life has in store.

My Main Project


I started Hybrid Cheer in 2021. We landed in our first brick and mortar gym in 2022. This is the parent organization to what we have now, Hybrid Jax. 

You can find out more about Hybrid Cheer here.

You can find out more about Hybrid Jax here.


I offer a range of ways to connect and learn. See below for the options.


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